Anima is available only for Med 3 certificates and admin enquiries.  If you need medical advice please call the surgery on 01235 639521, many thanks

Anima - Online Consultations - Please read the following information before registering.

All patients can now sign up to use Anima. Anima operates between 8:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Before you can use it for your medical reasons you must be registered with the software system. (You need an email address to do this).  We recommend all patients register with the software before they need to use it, to avoid delays in accessing medical support.

If any authentication issues arise this process may take a little longer than ususal.

Once you have signed up with user ID and Password, you can access the Anima system tools.  You can then submit admin and secretarial enquiries only.

Anima is not for urgent clinical requests.  Please call the practice if your request is urgent.

Anima is not connected to Patient Access, Evergreen Life or the NHS App.  These systems need a different registration process.  Please visit our Patient Record page for more information.